Employer details

You cannot update your Employer Record online. All changes for employment must first be reviewed by IENA for approval.

Please complete and return an Employer Job Form and new job offer letter (and any additional information) to IENA. Your request for a change of employment or a second job will be reviewed and permission granted as quickly as possible, provided there are no problems with the job and you have not violated the program requirements. You will receive an email confirmation in the next few days confirming whether or not your new or second job has been approved. You may not begin working until you receive approval from IENA via email. Working anywhere without IENA approval may result in IENA terminating your program sponsorship.

Download AcrobatThe Employer Job Form is in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format so you will need Adobe software to view the form, enter online and print out the final result. The reader software is available free from Adobe

Click here to view the form, enter data online (optional) or print it out.

If you are unable to print the Employer Data Form, we can mail you a copy. Please note, this will take a few days to reach you. Request a mailed form