Why Use IENA?

IENA began in 1995 and offers a more personal approach to Cultural Exchange Programs for the Summer Camp, Hospitality and Retail Industries. Company owners are directly involved with the applicants and visit during the summer. In addition to providing International students the opportunity to work at thousands of hotel, restaurant and retail sites in culture rich tourist areas, to date, IENA has helped over 80,000 participants learn and share with American children at over 500 summer camps, across the USA. IENA is designated as a J-1 Visa sponsor by the US Department of State. This means we are not a third party agent. We are the responsible body for the program and our participants.

  • 23 Summers of sending counselors to Summer Camps and International students to Hospitality Organizations
  • Lead by ex Camp Owners and Directors and Hospitality Executives
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support during the summer
  • Over 90 Countries served


  • IENA’s owners all work as full time salaried employees.  We take care of clients needs on a day to day basis and interact with our participants daily.  We are driven by a passion for cultural exchange, summer camp and hospitality and are personally invested in the successes of each of our exchange visitors and employers.

Service and Support

We have over 50 years’ experience in camping and hospitality, and 35 years in International Programming and J-1 Visas. We know what Camp Directors are looking for and pride ourselves in finding the perfect match for each participant and camp. We are equally skilled and committed to our Work & Travel Programs and the Hospitality Industries we service. We apply the same skills and attention that are necessary to ensure that our participants are best matched with one of our high quality employers. The results are obvious when our participants and employers have had a positive and successful experience together.

“I think this program is an amazing opportunity for inner growth and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a life-changing experience.” IENA Participant

Our owners are hands on in the day to day running of the program and are always available to meet your needs and answer any questions.

High quality applicants

We have carefully selected international partners from across the globe, providing us with a large, diverse applicant pool which in turn, enables us to provide you with high quality staff. In camp, this includes specialists, counselors and Support Staff; and in business, this includes International students with a range of studies in business, culinary arts and tourism. On average we reject 9 applications for every participant we accept onto the program. As ex camp directors and business executives, our motto is to only accept people onto the program that we would hire for our own camp or business.

Quality Preparation

Specifically for camp, IENA provide a rigorous pre-camp training in partnership with Expert Online Training, the front-runner in e-learning for youth leaders.

The syllabus for this internet classroom includes a variety of online video training modules, quizzes and handouts that teach new and experienced staff how to better lead, discipline and support the development of boys and girls at summer camp. The hosts of the videos include psychologists, physicians, attorneys and camp directors such as Dr. Chris Thurber, Scott Arizala, Steve Maguire and Gary Forster.

Videos will cover a variety of topics including Bully Prevention, Active Lifeguarding, Alcohol Policies, Safe Touch & Safe Talk, Behavior Management, etc.…

IENA will continue to go above and beyond when selecting staff and preparing them to have a positive impact at camps this summer.