Expert Online Training

IENA have made a commitment to excellence by partnering with Expert Online Training.  This provides a rigorous pre-camp training with the front runner in e-learning for youth leaders.

The syllabus for this internet classroom includes a variety of online video training modules, quizzes and handouts that teach new and experienced staff how to better lead, discipline and support the development of boys and girls at camp and also prepares them for camp culture in a way that we believe a few hours orientation cannot. The hosts of the videos include psychologists, physicians, attorneys and camp directors, such as Scott Arizala, Steve Maguire and “Dr Deb”, Deb Gilboa.

Videos will cover a variety of topics including Bully Prevention, Active Life-guarding, Alcohol Policies, Safe Touch & Safe Talk, Behavior Management, etc…
All fees associated with this are covered by IENA.

IENA will continue to go above and beyond when selecting staff and preparing them to have a positive impact at camps this summer.