Work & Travel Australia Job Opportunities

Understandably, getting a job is something that is on the front of people’s minds. You’ll be in a new country, with no contacts and no previous work experience there.  Welcome to Travel’s founders were previously working holiday makers and they understand your needs and wants firsthand. They’ve used their, their team’s and all of their travelers’ experience to create in depth, customized employment help for when you arrive.

This includes:

  • An employment presentation
  • CV/Resume Writing Help
  • Interview Questions Help
  • Australia workplace specific advice
  • A 2-hour employment and travel advice 1:1 meeting (on tour)
  • Access to a live job portal
  • Access to an employer database
  • Regular job opportunities emailed
  • Monthly Work and Travel Drop in Clinics

Just like the accommodation help, as long as you’re in Australia, our partner Welcome to Travel will
be able to help with your employment needs. A lot of people also want to know what they can earn
when in Australia.
Hospitality is a hugely popular sector for people on a working holiday. Australia doesn’t have a
tipping culture and the tip you’d expect in the US, is already factored into wages in Australia, where
wages are high.
The minimum wage is:

  • Part Time/Full-Time: $19.83AUD
  • Casual Work: $25.41AUD

We’ve explained more on wages and cost of living in these really helpful blogs and vlogs here:

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On the IENA Work & Travel Australia Program, you can take any job you are qualified to do, but can only work for the same employer for six months’ maximum. Work and Holiday Visa holders can take casual incidental work to supplement their income while exploring this amazing country. If you would prefer to stay in one location, that is okay too! It’s your choice! We have hundreds of live job listings which are no more than 3 weeks old. Current job listings can be found here.

“I think this program is an amazing opportunity for inner growth and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a life-changing experience.” – Outbound Australia Participant

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