Traveling in Canada

Whether you work as you travel or work and then travel, you will probably want to see as much of Canada as possible. The wide ranging diversity in culture and geography make it a great destination for doing just about anything.

Why not explore one of Canada’s nine mountain ranges? The Canadian Rockies in Banff or Pigeon Spire located in Bugaboo Provincial Park in the Columbia Mountains or check out the Appalachian Mountains which were formed roughly 480 million years ago.

Canada has over two million lakes – more than a thousand miles of white-sand beaches beckon visitors to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, the 10th largest lake in the world. For boating and fishing visit the Lake Champlain region of the Adirondack Coast.

For an outdoor adventure, check out one of Canadas many national parks.

Cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal boast excellent galleries, museums, theaters and a vibrant nightlife!

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