How to Apply to the Summer Camp Program

The Application Process

How the Process Works

Complete our online application form. The application form is completely free to complete. Our biggest piece of advice is to really think about the content of your application; we’re looking for you to impress us! Tell us about your hobbies, skills and your experience with kids. We’ll work with you through the program and help you with the application at every stage.

Once your application has been submitted you’ll be contacted by one of our recruiters for an interview. We like to have a few conversations with you (over the phone/Skype) so that we get to know you better! We’ll simulate an actual interview with a camp director so you know what to expect later on in the process. We’ll also give you tips and advice on your application and interview process too.

If you’re accepted onto the program, you will be invoiced for your proof of intent payment. This initial £100 goes towards your total program fees.

And start chatting with our directors! We will match you with a camp, you’ll speak with the Camp Director (normally over Skype), and should both parties be happy you will be offered a contract!

Once placed at camp we will send you an invoice with the remaining program balance of £245. You will also put the finishing touches on your application by submitting paperwork so we can issue you the DS2019 form and instructions to obtain your visa from the US Embassy.

We must stress that we will guide you through every step.

All that’s left now is to get excited, pack up your bags and get on that plane to America!

SEVIS Reporting Information

The US Government has installed a system to help monitor and track cultural exchange visitors who are participating in its J-1 visa program. This system is called SEVIS. It is required that all J-1 visa exchange visitors have their SEVIS activated upon their arrival to camp.

Activating your SEVIS will notify the US Government that you have successfully arrived at your place of employment and have begun your cultural exchange experience. We call this ‘validating your arrival”.

In order to validate your arrival with SEVIS on the J-1 Camp Counselor program, your Camp Director must notify IENA that you have arrived. They can do this by logging into their account and indicating online, or by calling or emailing our office directly.

“I’ve helped changed the lives of children in the best possible way” – Summer Camp Participant