Salary and Pay

As per visa regulations, IENA may only place Support Staff at camps that pass an employer verification process.

It’s a fairly simply process.  All we need is the following information:

  • EIN (Federal Employer Identification) number
  • Current Business License or State Equivalent (if exempt)
  • Workers’ Compensation Cover Letter showing adequate coverage for the dates of the program or documentation showing exemption from needed coverage
  • A signed copy of the IENA agreement

Camps must provide a safe working environment for all staff. All employers must pay wages and overtime in accordance with state and federal laws or be able to provide proof of exemption if requested. All labor laws apply to international staff.

We must verify that your business is legitimate and reputable through an online search of your physical address as the site of activity for the participant, website and by reviewing recent OSHA violations. The final step in the employer verification process is to have a personal phone conversation with you.

Thank you for your assistance in meeting the regulations and for your support of cultural exchange programs.


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