Camp Contact

The regulations outline the responsibility of the employer. Failure on the part of an employer to comply with these regulations means that IENA may not place participants at the employer. It is required that the employer keeps direct contact with IENA.

You must notify us when a participant arrives to begin the program (called Validation). This can be done online through your camp control panel or via e mail.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!  We are required to report arrival to our sponsor so that they can be activated in the Governments SEVIS system.

Applicants are unable to obtain a social security card until 3 to 10 working days after SEVIS activation.  Usually 99% of all calls we get from camps regarding Social Security office problems, we discover that camp never informed us of arrival!!

In addition to this initial reporting, we must also be notified by the camp to discuss any changes to the placement or if the participant is not meeting the requirements of the job. The well being of the participant is our priority. Please contact us in during an emergency or event that impacts the welfare of the participant. We must be notified of any early departures from camp before the participant physically leaves camp property (see camp agreement).

The participant also has several reporting requirements that each camp must follow up on.

Support Staff participants will receive an e mail every 30 days from IENA with a link.  This link takes them to a brief survey which MUST be completed (it takes about 2 minutes)

These reporting requirements are visa regulations. IENA must end the program of any participant that does not 1) Validate within 10 days of arrival 2) Update their address every time they move 3) Respond to the Survey within 30 days of their last Survey.