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The Best Summer Job You Will Ever Have!

What are you doing this summer?

Through American Summers, IENA is proud to offer the opportunity to spend your summer living and working at one of America’s premier summer camps. Working at a camp in America is a fantastic chance to do something fun, positive and rewarding with your summer. We offer a personal and guided placement program with a handpicked placement based on your personality, skills and experience or a direct placement option at a camp of your own choosing.

Our amazing American Summers program gives you the chance to spend your summer getting paid to teach/coach the activities you love. This could be teaching activities like Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Dance, Climbing, Photography and many more….

After your summer contract has finished, we’ll give you an optional 30 days travel, so you can discover this amazing, beautiful and wonderfully diverse country.

Being a camp counselor this summer changed my life, I had an amazing time doing things that I have never expected to do before and being able to influence children’s lives at the same time that they were affecting mine. I’d like to say that I’m really thankful for everything that you guys have done for me, I had the best experience of my life and I could not have done it without your help.

Ready for the best summer ever?

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What Is Camp?

Summer Camp is an integral part of the American culture. Over ten thousand summer camps exist across America, each with their own history and traditions which have grown over many, many years. Over 10 million children attend camp each year, from the beaches of Hawaii to the mountains in Vermont….all across America!

A camp’s main goal is to create a fun, safe environment for all children. Camps will encourage children to try new activities and get out of their comfort zone in a physically and emotionally safe and supported environment.

Solo traveler hugging a camper.
Solo traveler with a group of kids.

What It Takes to Work at Camp

Campers range in age from 6 to 16 with some special needs camps also offering opportunities for young adults. Camps will hire staff from many different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. The campers love the diversity of the staff and fellow campers, this makes for a fantastic blend of people and an amazing summer.

Within all the camps we work with, just about every personality, quirk, and skill set has a home. This applies to both campers and staff. If you have a positive outlook and are willing to get out of your comfort zone, we have a camp for you. Don’t panic if you are not a professional athlete, coach, or have years of teaching experience, we will coach you through the process and give you all the tools you need. Assuming you are 18 by June 1st and are willing to give your all then we can help you!

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