Mexico Job Fair

IENA is excited to announce our Mexico Recruitment Fair this season!  We will host a recruitment fair in Puebla, Mexico on Saturday, January 20th.  We are proud to continue offering the LARGEST recruitment fair hosted in Mexico!

IENA’s job fair in Puebla is the largest job fair in Mexico.  We expect approx. 2000 candidates, all eager to work at a camp in America!

The IENA Mexico Summer Camp Recruiting fair will give you the opportunity to recruit, interview, and hire key staff members for your camp program. All of our participants attending the fair have already been screened and interviewed by our amazing recruiting staff members – all of whom have previous experiences at camps.

We believe that the opportunity to meet our participants face to face will allow you to select from a wide variety of our fantastic camp staff.

What’s Included?

  • Join the Camp Fair free of charge
  • Hire a minimum of 10 staff at this fair and you will be eligible to receive a credit for the amount of your flight ticket UP TO $1,000 based on one representative from camp
  • Suggested hotel bookings available for camps
  • Lunch on the day of the fair
  • Group events, such as a happy hour and a group dinner
  • Designated airport shuttles at set times


Camp is responsible for organizing the following:

  • Booking flights to/ from Mexico
  • Booking hotels/ accommodations in Mexico*

*IENA will secure a block of hotel rooms in Puebla, although camps are welcome to stay in whatever accommodations they feel comfortable in.

What’s my commitment?

  • Camps attending commit to hiring a minimum of 10 staff at this fair.
  • Cancelling from this event within 1 month of Fair date will result in a $500 fee.
  • Each camp is allowed to bring two representatives to this fair

We believe that to provide a high-quality Summer Camp Recruiting fair free of charge allows us to develop stronger relationships with our summer camps and we’re committed to providing fantastic camps staff for all of our camps.

What we Offer:

  • Exceptional applicants
  • Personalized attention
  • Face to face applicant interviews
  • Designated booths for camp directors

Who attends our fair?

  • Several hundred University students. While the majority are from the Puebla area, we have staff coming from many regions of Mexico
  • University students looking to work in general kitchen roles, food preparation, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry as well as culinary students.
  • Lifeguards, general counselors, trip leaders, ropes staff as well as many other camp counselor positions are often hired as well.
  • Camps from all over the United States who are looking to hire anywhere from 10 to 60 camp staff.

Important Information

  • Camp Directors will have a table and 2 chairs at the fair. Camps may send TWO representatives to attend.  Our recommendation is 1 US representative + 1 local representative
  • It is advisable for camps to bring a small display for their camp fair table to promote their camps.

Mexico Work Dates

  • Please note that in Mexico, the maximum work potential for SUPPORT STAFF is May 19- September 5.  These dates are set by the US Department of State and cannot be changed.
    • However, Support Staff are also bound by their personal university summer vacation dates.  We highly recommend that you ask applicants to confirm their Proof of Student Status Vacation Dates (as set by their school), as these are the dates they can legally work at camp.
  • Counselors from Mexico can legally work from May 1- September 30, for a maximum contract length of 123 days


  • Camp directors should arrive to Puebla, Mexico on Thursday, January 18
  • Free day on Friday, January 19
  • Recruitment Fair will take place in Puebla on Saturday, January 20
  • Camp directors depart Puebla on Sunday, January 21 or later, if they prefer
Travel Recommendations to Mexico
For 2024, IENA recommends that camps fly into Mexico City.  Over the past several years, an increase in volcanic activity outside Puebla has impacted flights into the local airport.

Puebla International Airport (PBC).  To avoid potential flight delays, cancellations, etc. we recommend that camps fly into Mexico City, and drive to Puebla (about 2 hours drive).  IENA will arrange an airport shuttle from Mexico City to Puebla on January 18th.  There are also public transportation options from Mexico City to Puebla which are direct and easy to navigate!

IENA is now accepting camp applications for our 2024 international recruitment fairs. Please complete this application to express your interest in attending the Mexico Fair in Puebla on January 20, 2024.

Please note, submitting this application is NOT a guarantee of camp registration. Fair registration will be confirmed directly with each camp via Sarah Morgan at IENA.

Mexico Camp Fair 2024

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