Work in Canada Job Opportunities

Working Holiday

The Open Work Permit allows you to be legally employed in Canada for up to 12 months, anywhere, for any employer. However, to work in agriculture, childcare, health services or teaching, you are required to undergo medical clearance BEFORE entering Canada (this can be an expensive and lengthy process).

The type of job you can secure will depend on your qualifications and previous work experience. Most participants find casual employment in shops, bars, restaurants, ski resorts and hotels, but it is possible to find career related or professional work. The majority of participants seek employment once they have arrived in Canada and it takes on average 7 days to secure a job. If you intend to find a career-type position, you should start your job hunt before you go and be prepared to spend more time researching possible vacancies.

Traditionally there are 3 main areas which provide work opportunities: Ontario (Toronto), Alberta (Canadian Rockies for resort work) and British Columbia (Vancouver). If you are unsure about which area will suit you best, you should do as much research as you can. Have a look at a map and get an idea of distances and check out guide books such as Lonely Planet.

Young Professionals
Your job or internship must meet National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code Skill Type Level 0, A or BYou should discuss your job title and NOC job code with your employer. Please use the link below to search for your job title and appropriate job code:


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