Dannifer Duenas

Camp Roger

CO, Counselor

In the hustle and bustle of routine life, the camp appears as a perfect setting to show how wonderful it is to live in the woods.

The camp allows you to really get to know yourself as a capable, daring, brave and inspiring being for the youngest, surrounded by the elements of nature, you find the meaning of living. living is not surrounding yourself with luxuries or meaningless things, living consists of inspiring others, leading them to discover their value as a human being and their importance within a society in need of values.

The camp impacts your life from the first day when you feel a sunrise full of peace that transmits endless energy for you to start your day, on your way you will find squirrels running freely, deer jumping in search of food, moose demonstrating their beautiful superiority and birds whispering that it will be a fun day. You will hear meaningless songs that echo in your ear and you are happy to repeat with your friends, your meals become something particularly fun and the mountains will witness your work. your friends are your family, you create bonds so strong that they cross thousands of borders, you know the meaning of a sincere hug and valuable advice.

You are the counselor of someone who sees you as his hero, his example, his inspiration, you learn that childhood and youth are the basis of a healthy and happy society. You are proud of your abilities, you are proud to share your experiences, your family is proud of who you are.

You will surely miss your home, but without a doubt you will return being better than you were, inside you the camp fire will remain lit forever, a fire fueled by the beauty of your actions. you will understand that trees grow tall and strong because they are honest