Leonardo Daniel

Summit Camp

MX Camp Counselor

My most important moment of the summer is being able to work at Summit camp, it was my first time both at the camp and in the United States and to be honest I thought it was going to be a challenge in all aspects. But while I spent the camp I learned many experiences that made me reflect on several personal things, that is, my personality and my way of thinking. ‘

In this camp they work with special children related to mental problems, such as autism, etc. Despite that, the children were a love that gave life to the camp. It was a pleasure to have been part of the best summer for children. When you see the smile of the campers you get happy because you know you are doing a good job.

Another advantage is that I improved my English to 90%, and it is great to get to know many places on days off. The best phrase that my camp had is: I CAN, WE CAN YOU CAN. I admire this phrase a lot because it makes us reflect on how incredible we are and that we can achieve what we set out to do.