UK & Spain (Fall 2024) Job Fairs

You are cordially invited to join IENA for a recruitment fair tour in the UK & Spain this October!  This IENA tour will host fairs in the following locations:

  • Saturday, October 26th: Recruitment Fair in Manchester, UK
  • Sunday, October 27th: Recruitment Fair in Madrid, Spain

The IENA Summer Camp Recruiting fairs will give you the opportunity to recruit, interview and hire key staff members for your camp program.

We believe that the opportunity to meet our participants face to face will allow you to select from a wide variety of our fantastic camp staff.

What’s Included?

  • Join the Camp Fairs free of charge
  • Suggested hotel bookings available for camps in each city
  • Group events, such as a happy hour and a group dinner
  • Group transportation between Fair locations provided for one representative per camp
  • Lunch on the day of the fairs

Camp is responsible for organizing the following:

  • Booking flights to the UK, from Spain
  • Airport pick up & drop off
  • Booking hotels/ accommodations in Manchester & Madrid

*IENA will recommend hotels in each city, although camps are welcome to stay in whatever accommodations they prefer.

What’s my commitment?

  • Camps attending commit to hiring a minimum of 15 applicants among these two fairs.  However, camps in attendance are ideally looking to hire 20+ staff at these events
  • Cancelling from this event within 1 month of Fair date will result in a $500 fee
  • Each camp is allowed TWO representatives at each fair.  Our recommendation is one US representative + one local representative at the fair
  • Camps registering commit to attending both fairs in Manchester and Madrid

Important Items to Note

  • The UK & Spain Tour is an ideal event to hire GENERAL COUNSELORS. While some candidates may be qualified to work in a specialist role, these fairs will be predominantly general counselor applicants
  • These fairs are specifically for camp counselor applicants. If you are hiring support staff, please check out our Mexico Fair!
  • Spanish students have later availability than other countries (mid-June). Read more about this below!

We believe that to provide a high-quality Summer Camp Recruiting fair free of charge allows us to develop stronger relationships with our summer camp partners, and we’re committed to providing fantastic camp staff for all our camps.

You will have the opportunity to meet our camp applicants face to face in comfortable settings to discuss employment options for the upcoming summer. These fairs are intentionally small, with a select group of camps in attendance.  Hosting smaller events allows camps to have a large selection of staff to interview.  Besides hiring great staff, it will be a great cultural experience, a networking experience with other camp directors and an opportunity to meet the wonderful IENA camp team.

Availability Note- Spanish Applicants

Students in Spain typically finish school and exams in June.  Due to the later university schedules, May start dates are difficult to accommodate for staff in this region.  In order to make these events as successful as possible for both camps and applicants, IENA requests that only camps with June staff arrival dates register for these fairs.  Most Spanish students are available from June 10 onwards.  IENA will verify your camp’s start dates with you prior to confirming your fair registration to ensure your summer schedule aligns with students in this region.

If you are a camp with May start dates and interested in hiring Spanish staff, please reach out to your IENA representative- we are happy to help you find Spanish staff via our website, where we have a greater selection of applicants available!


  • October 24th: Camp directors arrive in the UK
  • October 25th: Culture Day in Manchester
  • October 26th:  Recruitment Fair in Manchester, followed by group travel to Madrid
  • October 27th: Recruitment Fair in Madrid
  • October 28th or later:  Camp directors depart from Spain

IENA is now accepting camp applications for our 2025 international recruitment fairs. Please complete this application to express your interest in attending the UK & Spain Fairs in Manchester and Madrid.

Please note, submitting this application is NOT a guarantee of camp registration. Fair registration will be confirmed directly with each camp via Sarah Morgan at IENA.

UK & Spain (Fall 2024) Camp Fairs

The Name of your Camp

Lead person attending the fair representing your camp

Start and End Dates for your 2025 Camp Counselors

Please give us your best estimate on your staffing needs

Please give us your best estimate on your staffing position needs

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