Work in Canada

Work in Canada offers you the opportunity to combine work and travel in a different North American setting.  On this program you can spend up to 12 months living and working in Canada.  Gain international work experience in a place that’s close to home but very different!  Work in Canada is a program authorized by the Canadian Government to allow US citizens aged 18-35 to travel and work in Canada for up to 12 months.

 New for 2017 -  Program is now open to students and non-students aged 18-35.

Upon arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry, you will present your government issued entry document to Canadian Immigration along with your US passport and proof of medical insurance.  You will then be issued a Canadian Open Work Permit which is valid for up to 12 months in duration.

You choose the date you wish to enter Canada within your eligibility period and book your own travel accordingly.  If you wish to take advantage of the free arrival orientation, you should make your way to our Canadian partner offices in either Toronto or Vancouver.  However, you can be as independent as you choose and still have the knowledge that we will be there throughout your stay to help you if needed.

Work in Canada  Program offers:

  • Free choice of arrival date into Canada.
  • Pre-departure support from IENA, with many years of experience in administering international student exchanges at your disposal.
  • Step by step Instructions on how to apply for a Port of Entry Letter of Introduction (entry document to Canada) via Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC).
  • Discounted, comprehensive worldwide travel insurance with $1,000,000 in medical coverage and $0 deductible
  • Hosting Centers in Toronto and Vancouver, job and accommodation listings, plus general advice from friendly, knowledgeable staff.  The office also has on-line computer facilities, telephones and a mail drop with forwarding service for participant use.
  • Arrival Orientation packed with important information to prepare you for your stay.  Advice on bank accounts, tax, applying for a SIN (Social Insurance Number) as well as practical information on job and accommodation hunting!
  • Access to our online job database that has listings of jobs available in British Columbia and Ontario.
  • Free internet, Wi-Fi, and computer facilities, plus use of telephones and mail service.
  • Social activities including sports events, pub nights and excursions.
  • After Hours Emergency Assistance: We are there to help even after the office has closed.

Program Costs

The program fee is $350 and covers administration in America and Canada, use of hosting centers in Toronto and Vancouver for job and accommodation listings and program support.

Other costs to consider

Travel Insurance - You must show proof of adequate medical and accident insurance on entry to Canada. IENA can provide a policy with $1,000,000 in medical coverage and $0 deductible.  Premiums start at $195.

Support funds in the amount of CA$2,500

Canadian Government fees:
IEC Program Participation Fee  - CA$126.
CIC Open Work Permit  Fee - CA$100.

Application Deadline:   2017 PROGRAM NOW OPEN!  Please apply 8-10 weeks prior to your planned date of travel.  It is strongly advised not to purchase flights or make travel arrangements before receiving your entry document to Canada. 


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“I greatly improved my French skills working in Montreal.  I was also lucky enough to see Paul McCartney play on the Plains of Abraham for free.  I also joined a band in Montreal for the summer and got to play a few gigs.  It was the greatest experience ever!” WC, Work in Canada
“The process for getting a visa was made so simple!  Very nice!” AC, Work in Canada