IENA Camp Directors’ Fairs

What is a recruitment fair?

International recruitment fairs are a great opportunity for camp directors to meet potential staff, face-to-face. The benefits of an in-person interview allow you to meet applicants and get a true sense of their personality, skill set, and English language level. During a recruitment fair, camp directors will interview multiple applicants throughout the course of a day. Recruitment fairs are a good opportunity to accomplish large-scale hiring in one day!

Which camps should attend a recruitment fair?

Recruitment fairs are ideal for camps that are looking to hire 10+ staff. Interviews at recruitment fairs move quickly and are typically 10 minutes or less. Camp directors attending a recruitment fair should be prepared to make quick, on the spot hiring decisions.

What applicants attend a recruitment fair?

Applicants attending an IENA recruitment fair have already been accepted on our camp program. Both camp counselors and support staff are invited to fairs, so there is a diverse mix of positions that applicants are applying for.


IENA is offering the following international recruitments for the 2024 camp season (click for detailed info):

-Mexico Fair    Saturday, January 20th in Puebla, Mexico

-UK Fair   Saturday, January 27th in Manchester, UK

-Ireland & Spain Fairs      Tuesday, January 30th in Dublin, Ireland & Saturday, February 3rd in Madrid, Spain  –WAITLIST ONLY